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Anonymous asked;
what's gray's facebook?

Personal / Fanpage

Anonymous asked;
Gray has two older brothers!

There you go previous anon, he has two older brothers. Thankyou for telling us !

Anonymous asked;
Does Gray have any siblings?

[Edit] He has two older brothers. 

Anonymous asked;
Do you know whether 'VV:D' has any special meaning? Or are these just random chosen letters? I read somewhere that it meant 'vivid' is it true? Thanks and btw I love your blog and especially your theme ♥

Yes, it means vivid but I’m not quite sure why it is stylized like that. I guess because it looks appealing to the eye? ahah. If anyone knows the reason, give us a heads up! And thank you!

Anonymous asked;
Where was GRAY born? His English pronunciation is really good in Summer Night and Metronome.

He was born in Seoul. 

Anonymous asked;
Gray is so super talented! Bonus point? So handsome! ♥️ Thank you for this blog ♥️

Thank you for your support ♥️

Anonymous asked;
in CJ E&M INTERVIEW WITH JAY PARK & GRAY jay says gray's married. Is he joking or gray is really married?

Gray is not married, Jay was talking about Tablo.

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Dedicated to Lee Sunghwa AKA GRAY, artist and producer of VV:D and AOMG.

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